a kayak in the large ocean of little harbor


Check out the most frequently asked questions regarding our
Little Harbor kayak rentals on Catalina Island.
If you still have questions please contact us.

We are open year around by advance reservation; our busy season is April through September. We offer 24 hour kayak rentals, noon to noon.

We have a 24 hour rental minimum. Our customer is the Little Harbor camper. We are based in Avalon and Little Harbor is an hour drive for us each way. We set kayaks up by noon on day of rental and pick up at noon when done.

We begin our 24-hour kayak rental at noon to allow renters to enjoy an afternoon and an early morning paddle. If our schedule allows, we will drop off early, but rentals are guaranteed noon to noon. If you want an early morning drop off guaranteed, you would need to add another day at the discounted rate.

You can paddle out of Little Harbor and up or down the coast. You cannot land at any other beach. Little Harbor is a calm bay but all other beaches have surf. Landing is prohibited on any other beach on the backside; there is a $250.00 fine for landing on any other beaches.

Little Harbor is a calm bay; this makes launching and landing possible. All other beaches have waves. Over the last 30 years, we have had mishaps due to landings at other beaches, to mitigate the risks to people and equipment; it became necessary to implement the fine.

Kayaks get damaged from the force of the kayaks hitting the shore, straps get broken, and people get hurt. There is no kayak surfing allowed at Shark Harbor, there is a $250.00 fine for not abiding by this rule..

Typically if you call from Little Harbor upon arrival, kayaks are delivered the next day. We travel from Avalon to Little Harbor once daily (it is an hour drive each way) If you catch us before we leave Avalon for the day, we are happy to set you up that day.

When you make your reservation, you will be prompted for your campsite number. We will leave your paddles at your campsite and your kayak on the beach with your name on it.

We have a rental minimum of $75.00, if you can meet that minimum with just the add-on rentals, please call us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Kayaks do have a weight limit, if you are over the weight limit; the chances of tipping over the kayak are probable. Single kayak weight limit is 200lbs, double kayak weight limit is 350lbs.

Life jackets are provided for all rentals. If you have children, you will be prompted to input their weight while booking online. Life jackets must be worn at all times.

Kayaking is not recommended for people who do not swim.

We do not recommend taking a phone or a camera out on the kayak; they will get wet and may be dropped overboard.

Reservations must be prepaid in full at time of booking. Reservations are refundable minus a 20.00 service charge with a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. Cancellations within 24 hours of rental time are non-refundable.

From Avalon-
Catalina Island Conservancy (310)510-2595
Catalina Taxi and Tours, (310)510-0025
Catalina Backcountry (gear haul) (310)913-9036
From Two Harbors -
Hike! (gear haul) – Two Harbors Visitor Center (310)510-4205

Little Harbor Kayaks is owned and operated by the same family that owned and operated Wet Spot Rentals for 30 years; we have just changed the name.

We do not sell firewood; this must be reserved in advance after booking your campsite. Please call Two Harbors Visitor services at (310)510-4205.